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Dr. Jeffrey Charles Schildhorn graduated from Duke University and attended medical school at Temple University. Focusing on minimally invasive surgical intervention, Dr. Schildhorn relies on arthroscopic procedures when possible in order to cut down on downtime following surgery.

Born in Philadelphia, he chose to spend some time gaining hands-on experience in surgical intervention and sports medicine on the west coast. Dr. Schildhorn knew his eventual goal was to practice in New York City. Dr. Schildhorn and his team focus on providing the highest quality of orthopedic care to patients through the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries. The goal is to provide patients with personalized care and optimal results with minimal recovery time.

Dr. Schildhorn’s focus is to improve patients’ function by developing a custom treatment plan with state of the art, innovative procedures. Although an expert in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Schildhorn is known for taking a more conservative approach to orthopedic medicine and recognizes that many patients do not need to undergo surgery. In fact, it has been found that most patients can often return to normal function through careful planning and other means such as physical therapy or minimally invasive procedures.

However, patients whose condition requires orthopedic surgery have found they are back to leading their active lifestyles once again. With the most innovative orthopedic technology, highest quality practices, and minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Jeffrey Schildhorn will have you leading your active lifestyle once again. New and prospective patients can read reviews by visiting our testimonials section.

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“When you’re performing surgery, you’re not just repairing something. It should be neat, it should be well thought out and it should look perfect. We’re doing art here, and in order to do it right it can’t simply be mechanics, it cannot simply be carpentry. It has to be a sculpture. It has to be art, and it has to be done in the most exact way possible.”

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